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Welcome fellow foster parents and anyone needing to video their loved ones or business groups. We dug thru Youtube videos and tried to place the best training videos to download software to your phone that actually works. We suggest you empty out a lot of programs you do not need including pictures and videos.You could put them on a flash drive if you do not want to lose them.

Stay Safe Carmen and Tony


Built into all iOS devices with front-facing cameras is a feature called FaceTime, which is a video chatting feature that lets you and the person you're calling both see and hear each other. This tutorial is a demonstration of how to use FaceTime, showing how to make and receive calls and exploring FaceTime options in depth. Watch more at This tutorial is a single movie from the iOS 7: iPhone and iPad Essential Training course by author Garrick Chow. The complete course duration is 8 hours and 21 minutes and shows how to get the most out of your new iPhone or iPad. Learn to make calls, email, browse the web, get around town, take notes, shoot photos and videos, listen to music, and more. Introduction 1. The Basics 2. The Essentials of Typing 3. Syncing with Your Computer 4. The Phone Part of the iPhone 5. Email 6. Surfing the Web 7. The iPod Part of Your Device 8. Shooting Photos and Video, and Managing Your Photo Library 9. Getting Around 10. Managing Your Time 11. Taking Notes 12. The Other Included Apps 13. The App Store 14. Important Settings 15. Protecting Your Device 16. Siri and Voice Controlling Your Device 17. Troubleshooting Category Education
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