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We sell oils that are not trade marked body oils by any designers. Our oils are designer duplicates. Duplicates that are very high quality oils. Stop by for a sample of what we carry. Also we are now selling SEA MOSS GEL AND RAW SEA MOSS THAT CAN BE USED IN SMOOTHIES, TEAS, SAUCES or just out of the jar. GOOGLE SEA MOSS and learn the many benefits. We also carry pure SHEA BUTTER, WHITE AND YELLOW, BLACK SOAPS, BLACK SEED OIL AND ALSO HUMIDIFIERS, OIL BURNERS BURNING OILS. Give us a chance to make your day.

Hours of operation. Friday 10:30 - 4, Saturday 9:00 - 3, Sunday 9 - 2. Phone Number 850-760-6979. E-Mail BOOTH 53 INDOORS The African Expression experience. We have something for everyone. Starting with our 75+ fragrances of incense in our shop made by us weekly. Fragrances such as Egyptian Musk, Baby Powder, Platinum, Frangipani, Marshmello Pumpkin Latte, Frankincense, Frank and Myrrh and many others. Our incense prices are short sticks 10 for $1.00 short sticks and Jumbo Sticks 4 for a dollar that burn at least 3 hours!.

We Create Designer Perfumes and Colognes Of Scents You Love.


We have short incense holders 1$, $1.50, and $2.50. We also carry incense coffin ⚰ coffin boxes, which are the cleanest and safest way to burn incense for parents and children that want Fragrances in their rooms like their parents. We have an awesome selection of Body Oils for both men and women. Prices ranging from $3.00 - $25.00. We have unisex fragrances. One last thing to tell you about right now is our large selection of Fragrance Burners, and Humidifiers ranging from 9$ to $35. With 20-30 fragrances to burn such, Gain, Bird of Paradise, Baby Powder, Mango, Pink Sugar,, Strawberry...Many Many More Fragrances. Also a small selection

100% Pure Shea Butter, Black Soaps, Shea Butter Soap, Black seed oil, natural hair care products Natural Herbal Tonics, Sea Moss Bitters Liquid Black Seed for bathing.


    T W Flea Market 
    1717 N W Street 
    Pensacola Florida 32505
    Booth 66
    Indoors Weekends

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    Carmen's Flea Market Booth Pensacola Florida Booth 66 In The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida

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