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Agape Love, Love Is Here's Inspirations and Words of Encouragements
Hello, Pastor Deborah here and this video was created to bring you a few words of Inspiration and Words of Encouragements
Buying and Selling, Customers, Competition, Trade, Merchandise, Professionalism, Communication Skills are all apart of Helping People.
Being In Business small or large is a great responsibility to oneself, to one's family and to others - your neighbors. Bringing goods for selling, having fresh food markets, offering services to others, trading and bargaining has always been apart of humanity since there was a human. Even our ancient human ancestors were traders, small business owners, restaurant owners, makers of products and TRADE and MARKETING was vital in the development of nations and their wealth.
Trade and Business provide ancient roads to travel and get to Markets and far away nations for their goods. Markets have always been in every city, in every nation. To get the products of other nations and towns, travel was necessary whether it was over the seas of the oceans or over the long trails of Trade Routes
Trade, Business and Markets have been apart of humanity since humanity's beginnings. Yet there also has always been Legal and Illegal Trade and Business. Every thing became Products for Sale, even children, adults, animals, and a nation's resources. Trade and Business to be a righteous and good System, need to be LEGAL and Upright. The Goods need to be Not Stolen, Fake, or Damaged.
So, to be a true person who has a business and desires to help people with one's goods and products, one must have legal and good products to sell, to trade or to just give away freely.
When one does not provide good and legal products, one tarnishes the Business Image of oneself, of Business and it's long history of Trade, and destroys the valuable relationship between a seller and a buyer, the customer
So, For this Word of Encouragement, Word of Inspiration, Be a Person of Integrity, Righteousness, who provides Products that are not Illegal, stolen, fake, dirty, unhealthy and be kind to your customers
Remember, Trade is An Ancient Business and Is Vital to Nations and people and they both deserve your very best you have
Love Pastor Deborah.
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