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Here are some tips coming from several doctors on coronavirus. If you have a compromised immune system or just want to boost it against this virus here are some proactive measures that can help according to pulmonologist Dr. Seheult. & John Campbell. Make sure you are not Zinc deficient and start a daily dose 10-50 micrograms (400-2000 IU). of Vitamin D, get some daily sun in. Getting more than 50 micrograms reduces the positive effect. Taking this amount reduces respiratory infection by 50%. During the beginning of the H1N1 outbreak many nurses recall docs prescribing Vit D.

Also quercetin was mentioned as a supplement. There are researchers right now developing a quercetin treatment for COVID-19 it is a supplement you can get very cheap. It was used against SARS, Ebola and Zika. Either way consult with a physician before starting any supplement.

If you have a dry throat/cough make sure you drink enough water as the virus thrives on dry throats.

The only true way to protect yourselves is to presume everyone is infected. Containment will prevent infections and save lives. Use strict hand hygiene. Stay away from crowds. Use a paper towel to turn off faucets and open doors with. Do not go out unless you have to. Leave your shoes at the door. Wash your hands before leaving work and as soon as you get home. Wipe down supplies you buy (milk cartons, water jugs, etc.) with Clorox wipes or alcohol 70%. Clean all door handles, light switches, surfaces with antiviral/bacterial cleaners. Don't hug or shake hands. Spray down mail or packages with Lysol then sanitize with a UV-C cleaner do not use on skin. Only use on surfaces.

UV C light is germicidal because it inactivates microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA with its short wavelength. Companies like Germ Falcon and Xenex are using UV C light emitting robots on airplanes and in hospitals against coronavirus COVID 19 currently.

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