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Comprehensive work experiences in real estate, property management, business, and other sales environments have given me an exceptional background to assume a variety of positions in the fields of corporate, commercial and brokerage real estate as well as complex properties management. Additionally, "executive" positions in the areas of corporate and municipal management have provided substantial leadership and collaborative opportunities. A strong work ethic, a high level of professionalism, and a proven ability to produce quality results will serve to strengthen your organization and facilitate the achievement of your goals and objectives.
Thank you for the kind and loving comment on the Post. I provide personal ministry to those in business and desire to see Business, Selling, Marketing, Buying be a Righteous System of helping people. I am a Community Pastor, a Market Place Minister at the T & W Flea market and I provide personal ministry, counsel, wisdom, guidance to the vendors and to the shopper. I am able to speak into the lives of the Business owners, small or large, just beginning or having along history. Trade and Business has been apart of humanity since we began. Here are the two Videos I created for Carmen's Web Site of Our Flea Market.com Many Business are now seeing the need to have Pastors on staff for the employees and the customer. If the Pastor is trained in Mental Health, Grief, Depression, Substance Abuse, Addictions, Trauma Informed Care, etc. They are a Valuable assets to the Business for the employees and their families. Love to stay connected and maybe you would consider becoming a resource and partner of just being a Voice of Hope and love to the Global World. I am a Global Ministry, but I am right here in Pensacola. here is my web site to look at Let me know if you would like to be added as a Resource and partner. here is a video I made to talk about allies and partners in helping people here is the Partnership Page. please look at the Partnrers and you may be well pleased to join them as well. Nothing to do from yourside, I do all the work, create the pages and make a Post for Linked In and Twitter and you and the business is seen Globally as a Voice of Hope and Love to humanity. Love Pastor Deborah.
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