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 Ordering online takes a bit of study. Yes, you see the item and the price. Looks good right. BUT IT MAYBE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  If the item is for a gift and you have a timeframe, you really must do your homework. First off, looking at the feedback percentage is not always accurate to the item you are looking to purchase. The sellet may have some items on their site that he or she has a lot of and trying to dump. And normally cheap. So the seller ships it fast and at great speed. Those sales will increase the sellers' feedback percentage and drive down the negatives. So you feel comfortable buying from that seller. NO. Look at the product you want to order, how many the seller has, how many have been sold. The time

frame  he is claiming to have it delivered. How many have been sold. Feedbacks on that item.

Next is critical, how long from the date of purchase was the feedback given. This is an idea on how long it took  to be delivered. Next is fack trackings and shipping notice sent to you.

Anyone can upload a tracking number with or without a product. You are told it is shipped. These online  website are not on your side. The want fees from the sellers. What is important is "in transit". Seller actuall may have zero in stock and collect the revenues waiting for your item to be delivered to the seller. Hoping they are on time.  And then pow, you thinking it is on the way and it is weeks over the estimate of your delivery.

The seller will tell you it is not his fault it is the shipping company. He will drag it on until you make a complaint and go to the account where you paid. And you may still have to wait for the refund. Now you have to look locally for the item. It maybe available, may not. And priced much higher. So do your homework before purchasing in these times of limited products. Tony Agius

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