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Hello my name is Dawn

When I started this journey in 2017, my vision was to provide clothing for children entering the system and to do away with the black garbage bags they're given to put all their belonging in. We opened our closet with a few donations and a private Facebook page. Thanks to some amazing foster families and a retail store, we were able to begin providing the needs of our community. In 2018, we quickly outgrew our 10x10 rental and moved to a 10x20 unit. This was only made possible thru our amazing financial supporter and the generous donations received. Thru 2019, we were still able to receive an amazing amount of donations and provide needed items such as furniture, baby gear, and clothing items to meet the needs of the increasing number of children coming into care as well as the families providing loving homes. Yet 2020 threw us all a slight curve ball! Our rental donor was heavily impacted by COVID-19 and their ability to pay for our unit is no longer available. MANY we know are struggling and that includes our families but while we still have new families opening their homes, the reality is to be licensed the minimum requirement is a car seat and a bed. This leaves everything else that a child needs as the financial responsibility of the foster homes; if it did not come with them when they entered care. THIS IS WHERE WE STEP IN..... A LARGER facility is needed to accept and store such items in a climate-controlled location. ULTIMATELY to become a RESOURCE CENTER. A facility that can provide assistance for teens that are aging out of the system and need valuable life skills such as cooking, money management, and academic tutoring to name a few. A more central location where foster/adopt parents can meet for continuing education, meet other foster/adopt parents to build a bond and connections in the community...the possibilities are limitless. COVID-19 opened my eyes to what can happen when a system shuts down. THINGS still happen, people are still in need and yet the available resources began to disappear. My goal is to have a location paid for so that no child or family has to go without. To not have the burden of a lease would free us the opportunity to have on hand more supplies for this special group. So many times we hear "If you can foster then find a way to support those who do. There are many ways to offer support without fostering/adopting." Can you help me raise the money needed to buy a building to fully assist our community? There are two ways you can financially contribute: 1) A lump sum donation 2) Commit to partnering with us and pledge to make a monthly donation. ANY AMOUNT helps and is deeply appreciated. BELOW is the building I would love to purchase! It has loading docks for all donations. A kitchen so we have the space to help teens learn to cook, parents can come for a coffee meet and greet support gathering. A large meeting and training area and plenty of room for the foster/adopt closet to receive, sort, and display items.

My vision Ultimately a large enough place for the closet, a place for life skills to be taught to our teens, tutoring, and even a place for FAPA meetings. Short term - a location for the closet. There are a few buildings I have scoped in the Cantonment/Ensley Palafox. My Father's Way church has a building on 29 that has a loading deck and would be a large enough for everything. There are 3 places off Palafox near Johnson Ave that have some of the things... 1 - former daycare 2 - a former automotive like tire store..has a loading area but small office space. Not sure it would home more than what our closet currently does. 3- the same block...use to be an antique thrift place but has been empty for a while. It has a loading dock, large open climate controlled area for many purposes. open possibilities I attached photos of them according to the # description

I would love to have a location like this but need donations to help me achieve that goal and then hope to purchase a location.

Donors Wanted

We've all heard the stories of children coming into care with nothing more than the clothes on their backs or all of their possessions in a garbage bag. I've seen it first hand and it can be stressful for a home wanting to provide care but not having their clothing or shoe sizes on hand. Emerald Coast Foster Adopt Closet provides clothing, furniture & baby gear for children coming into care.

It takes a village and if fostering is not your calling, we would like to offer you an opportunity to partner with Emerald Coast Foster Adopt Closet. It takes just $29/month to ensure that a foster child has quality clothing and a travel duffle bag, instead of a garbage bag, for the entire time they are in care.

Please Text Me 850  490 48 four eight Thank You

It's not completed but the closet is coming together. Honestly, we are at capacity! Everything has a place & a place for everything but we have no room for growth with the closet.
Our passion and drive are to restore dignity to children coming into care by providing clothes Please join with us in blessing these children. Thank you!

Please Text Dawn In Confidence 850. 490. four eight four eight

Thank You

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