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Hello And Welcome, Carmen here of It is a honor and privilege to be talking to you. is a worldwide Network of a small businesses, flea market vendors, others who are just beginning to venture out into the World of Retail and Sales and of those who are already out in the world of Business. It is our desire, here at Our Flea to help those who are seeking Education about small business in a Flea Market or just home based or just beginning, Information on all the details about the legal and lawful requirements to step out into the World of Business. Also, this web site is building a wealth of Resources and Partners that will be able to assist you in developing yourself and your business to be a success
Frequently asked questions

$25 month for your own page billed monthly. Cancel anytime but no refunds. Billed month to month with PAYPAL ,  you will eceive a weeks notice to pay the next month advertising. If not paid your page will be off line until you do. 

  Q. Do we add a shopping cart to your products. 

A. No we drive business to your existing shopping cart once you give us the link.

Q. How long will my products or business stay on the site. What if I want to cancel

A. Monthly $25 Month Billed on Paypal YOUR OWN PAGE. Plus any Florida tax. Is non refundable. If you want your products deleted you will email us in writing

We do not accept ads that are indecent,or any couterfeit goods. We will not show licensed items unles you ptrove you are licensed.

Your imaes sgould be yours.


    We feature your products images of up to twenty,or if you want some videos will be ten images or products and upto two videos . This will stay up for a       year. As long as you paid for your monthly exposure.

    We do not create your video it must be on Youtube already. We will direct it

    If you want to renew you should pay your invoice .

Q. How do i send you the images or info. How long will it take to be on the site. What if I want to delete or add a few products during the year.
    We can send you to a email to send us or giv us a link to them we willupload your images. We can give you details once paid.
    Normally after funds are cleared it is forty eight hours or less.If paid by Paypal we will send you a link to pay

Q. How do I Pay you.

A. We can invoice you on Paypal with a no refund policy once we have done the work. We will send you a link  You agree sale is final and any problems we will work out
    We can take your check,it will go thru Telecheck. The fee for bounced check our bank is $30 and Telecheck $40
    Checks will take at least ten days to clear the bank if not local. We will not add you to site until the bank clears your check
    Money order USA only are accepted but also goes the a security check. We have had counterfeit money orders in business
    So even money orders can take a few days also. We invoice you monthlu if you do not pasy the $8.33 plus tax we do not show your page.

Q. Can I pay cash if am local

A. Yes but you must still pay salex tax. 

  • I sell products that are not real. Will you add them to your site
    No we will not add anything that is fake stolen or counterfeit. Music must not be copied unless it is a YouTube approved video .No tapes, discs copied

  • I have pictures I copied from websites will you accept them
    We will look at that website and see their policy.Be careful of trademarked images.Try using a royalty free site. Or take your own image. If they are trademark items we suggest you take the images yourself. Sneakers and character apparel are scrutinized by the mfg. We suggest keeping trademark titles and names of your listings. Your products that are in violation can only get you in trouble and we will not upload famous shoes handbags etc that you do not hold a license.You must provide us with a statement that it is authentic and you only will be liable if we are served with a notice.

  • Do I have any choice where I will be featured.
    Yes will try our best to place you in the category you request and you may give us details how you wish to be featured and where. You should email us in writing. We will speak by phone but need documentation

    About us

    Fashion Sneakers Pensacola  Handbags Perfumes
    T W Flea Market Booth 66 Indoors Weekends 8-2

    Handbags At Carmen's Booth 66
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    Pensacola, Fl 32505
    850 377 6251
    Carmen's Perfume Booth 66 In The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida

    Pensacola Flea Market Sell Fashion Sneakers Perfumes and Handbags Carmen's Booth Booth 66 In The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida Sells New Name Name Brand Perfumes, Handbags and Footwear Specializes in work boots
    T And W Flea Market Booth 66 Indoors on Weekends. Name brand fragrances and vintage scents discount prices.

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