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# Carmen's Booth 66
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Visit me Sat and Sundays at the T and W Flea Market indoors on T Street in Pensacola Florida. I am next to Me B's Restaurant. We do not quote prices online but prices are very competitive. I do not ship but most are in stock. Hope to see you soon. Carmen


Handbag sets range in price $45 to $55 some include a wallet and other include a wallet and clutch purse. We also have sets that include two full size handbags.

SINGLE HANDBAGS RANGE FROM $20 to $35 Wallets $12 to $25 

We do not accept credit cards however their are severy atm's in the isles indoors.

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    Fashion Sneakers Pensacola  Handbags Perfumes
    T W Flea Market Booth 66 Indoors Weekends 8-2

    Handbags At Carmen's Booth 66
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    850 377 6251
    Carmen's Flea Market Booth Pensacola Florida Booth 66 In The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida

    Carmen's Booth 66 Indoors TW Flea Market Pensacola Flea Market Sugar Skull Concealment Handbags  In Booth Michael Kors Handbags eBay Checkout  Fashion Sneakers Perfumes and Handbags Concealment Sugar Skull Vegan Leather Crocodile Purses  The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida Sells New Name Name Brand Perfumes, Handbags and Footwear Specializes in work boots. Name brand fragrances, Versions Imposters  and vintage scents discount prices.

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