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Need Heater Repair in Alabama We service Baldwin County Your heater can break down at the most unexpected time. If you have tried turning on the heat on a brisk night only to feel cold air coming out of your central heating system vents, you know that it's time to get some professional help. Our technicians and Sammy are trained to repair all makes and models of central heaters, wall heaters and heat pumps. Staying comfortable at home is important, especially when the occasional  cold snap rushes in. KoolAir Heating and Air is committed to providing each of our customers with quality workmanship, technical expertise and product knowledge when you need it the most.Thank You Sammy at KoolAir

Why Heating Repair Is Important Living in the Akabama area we at KOOLAIRSERVICES.NET or  KOOLAIRSERVICE.NET are used to nice sunny warm days. But that doesn't mean that fixing your heater or heat pump is a waste of time. Actually, having the total HVAC system working properly is crucial for the operation of your air conditioner and the value of your property. When a problem arises, homeowners and property managers shouldn't let the problem linger and worsen. Here are some common problems that arise when your Central Heater isn't running properly. Regularly shuts off It's hard to turn on or fire up Unit makes odd noises Filters get dirty frequently Your thermostat can't communicate with your heater Your vents blow cold air even when you turn on the heat Your furnace blower is constantly running ( Doesn't sound like a big issue, but it runs to keep the unit from over heating )

These issues aren't just linked to a faulty heater, but are often symptoms of an entire system that needs immediate attention. To make sure your home stays warm on cold winter nights and pleasantly cool in the heat of summer, repair your HVAC system as soon as it shows any signs of malfunctioning. When to Call For Heater Repair Sometimes the signs are obvious, but sometimes they can be something you might not expect. Watch out for these common signs you need furnace repair: Reduced efficiency and higher monthly bills. Noticing a 10, 15, maybe even 30 percent increase in your monthly heating costs? The problem might be the central heater itself! Many issues can reduce efficiency; our team can locate and fix the problem in no time!

Trouble with your thermostat. Having inaccurate thermostat readings, or a thermostat that doesn't respond to new inputs? Let our team find the solution you need. Irregularly or infrequently running. Is your furnace kicking on or off too often before your home is properly heated? Or is it kicking on at all? The problem could be with weak airflow or electrical troubles. We can find the problem and solve it fast. Odd sounds. Strange sounds usually indicate problems with loose or damaged components. Never let this issue slide! Faulty components can severely damage your system, potentially even causing a need to totally replace your furnace system. Contact a professional right away KoolAir is a great choice if you notice odd sounds! If you notice any of these warning signs or are having any other troubles with your furnace system, contact us for furnace repair in the  area! 24/7 Heater Repair  Even if we didn't install the original heating system in your home, our technicians service all makes and models. We are on call 24 hours a day so that our technicians can respond to your call as quickly as possible. If you want fast and reliable services, call us KOOL AIR for your next heating repair service! What to expect when you call us for heating repair: Accurate problem diagnosis Upfront and honest quotes High levels of integrity, craftsmanship and services Amazing furnace solutions Don't hesitate to call KOOL AIR when you need help. How Does Our Pricing Work? We'll discuss all prices with you upfront. We don't charge by the hour, and we won't surprise you with a bigger bill at the end of service. The price you are quoted is what you will pay, no matter how long the repair takes to be completed. After diagnosing your problem, our specialist will explain to you the various solutions we can offer and the cost of each option. When you approve one of the repair options, we'll perform the work immediately and work with your schedule to make things convenient. Our trucks are fully stocked with most components your system will or 251-200-1650

We service all brands and models, and our technicians are trained on how to repair for older equipment as well. Is It Time to Replace My Heater? One of the biggest challenges of replacing the heater for a homeowner is knowing when it's the best option. Much of the time the heater can be repaired, and since it tends to usually be cheaper and faster, it's often the preferred service. However, there are actually a lot of situations where it's the exact opposite scenario! Sometimes replacement will provide you with a more reliable, more cost-effective solution for your family. It's time to consider Heater replacement when: Your current furnace is too old. At around ten years or so, most furnaces begin to lose a lot of energy-efficiency and heating effectiveness. If your furnace is around ten years of age, a replacement is going to provide you with a more comfortable, more dependable, and less costly solution. You need repairs too often. Needing repair every couple years or so isn't all that odd. But if you find yourself calling in for professional annually or more, you should really consider replacing. A single repair is often less costly than replacement, but it's a much different story after two, three, or more repairs. The repairs you need are too costly.

Occasionally central heating systems may encounter a problem that is just more trouble than it's worth. Issues like age, or component failure can run you a lot of money, and more often than not replacing at this point just makes more sense. You're not getting the heating you deserve. If your furnace just can't keep up, you really should replace it. It just doesn't make sense to pay for heating when you're not even getting the comfort you deserve out of it! If your furnace is struggling to keep you warm, talk to our experts about how to get a central heater that does work. MAINTAIN YOUR HEATING SYSTEM!- DANGER!!! Maintaining your Heating System is one of the most important things you can do for your home. You will save on your utility bills and prolong the life of your equipment, but most importantly you WILL PROTECT YOUR HOME AND FAMILY! Heating systems are one of the largest causes of house fires and your heater should be maintained every year. Central Heating systems can also cause dangerous CO leaks, so whether you use Pacific Coast Heating and Air or another company, please get your Heating System Tune-up done once a year. Some of the things we check and/or do on your Tune-Up: Clean Filters Assess Thermostat For Proper Functioning Diagnosis blower motors Look At capacitors for proper services Double Check main drains and secondary Drains Check Condensation Line Inspect Condenser Coil Make Sure Duct Work Is Proper Check moving parts and lubricate Check Electrical Connections and More.. Have a question or Need service? Give us a call (251) 200-1650

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