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New RAC3 Motorcycle Motorbike Denim Jeans Trouser Protective Armored Lining Blue eBay checkout

eBay online only not sold locally PRP: $169.99 Our Price: $59.99 - 74.99 Also protection padding (keens and Thigh CE approved) is supplied Free as pictures Outer shell made of 140z grade A thick denim fabric which is heavy duty and strong. Reinforced with armoured fiber lining at hip and knees (240GSM). Protective Lining used in these jeans cover 25% more area than other jeans available in the market. Hip and knees pockets provided for CE-approved knee and thigh armoured padding. ( CE approved protection padding is supplied free) Suitable for daily use.Fully breathable. Fully machine washable and tumbled dried.(wash separately)

Men Motorbike Motorcycle SKINNY SLIM JEANS STRETCH DENIM with Protective Lining eBay checkout top sellers

Online only eBay checkout PRP: $169.99 Our Price: $59.99 - $69.99 Also protection padding (knee and Thigh CE approved) is supplied Free as pictures (Please note Boots, Belt & Gloves Holder Shown in these pictures are not included in this listing but can be purchased separately from our eBay store)Outer shell made of Stretch Jeans Fabric.Reinforced with armored fiber lining at hip and knees.Protective armored Lining is fire and cut proof. Elasticated Shirring panels at knees and hips for better flexibility and comfort YKK zip at Fly. Hip and knees pockets provided for CE-approved knee and thigh armored padding. ( CE approved protection padding is supplied free) Suitable for daily use.Fully breathable.Fully machine washable and tumbled dry.(wash separately)

RHOK Gen1 Motorcycle Jeans lined with DuPont ™ Kevlar ® + knee & hip CE Armours

eBay only online please click on link for sizes and proce.....

RHOK™ GEN1 Motorcycle Jeans with DuPont? Kevlar® These are our Original GEN1 great looking jeans providing a great balance of protection, comfort and style. The jeans come equipped with CE approved hip and knee armour which can be easily removed . Super soft and comfortable 11 ounce stretch denim so they have some "give" typically 0.5 to 0.75 inch stretch on the waist, they will mold to your body shape.(98.5% cotton, 1.5% elastane) Reinforced with 280 gsm DuPont? Kevlar® aramid fibres on seat, thigh and knee areas. The jeans are cut to fit snug around the boot and calf so that they do no ride up or flap in the breeze. There is a tighter fit at the knee and thigh and then some relaxation in the hip flexor area so that the jeans remain comfortable even while riding the most cramped superbike Double stitching and in high impact areas. CE rated knee armours CE rated Hip armour pockets are easily accessible without the need to remove the jeans from your body Deep pockets so you wont loose your wallet/keys while riding Sizing Please see the picture in the list above for size chart and how to measure your size accurately. RHOK™ manufacture products according to real measurements. So please choose the size according to the real measurements, instead of comparing it with any other brand. All our designs are based on western body types and not "Asian Sizes" like some manufacturers who like to sell out of China and conveniently forget to tell you that everything is made for their domestic market smaller sized people. About RHOK™ RHOK™ has been supplying protective motorcycle jeans now for 10 years and is well known and regarded for producing motorcycle clothing that is long lasting, value for money and reliable. RHOK™ is not some faceless corporation made up of executives and lawyers, we are riders just like you. We ride almost every day and understand what riders need and we care about the motorcycling community. RHOK™ is not the biggest or the flashiest company (we are tiny) we keep our advertising and marketing costs down to basically zero so that we can pass the savings to you the rider. We believe that the best marketing is the praise you and your fellow riders give the RHOK™ name and products rather than some type of in your face Vaseline lubricated sales pitch from the manufacturer. As a small company, we've made the decision to put our products in the hands of our independent agents. The reason for this is two fold. First and most importantly, the only thing we sell are RHOK™ products. We're not trying to push you into hundreds of items sitting in a typical motorcycle shop. Our customers come to us because they know exactly what they want and we're here to provide it. This allows for a more personal touch and a great customer service experience. Secondly, our customers get to buy directly from us, skipping the middle man and the additional cost that comes along with it. Everyone saves money - everyone wins. At RHOK™ we take the greatest pride in being a brand that you can trust, in fact we have many customers still wearing their GEN1 jeans from when we started 10 years ago with no signs of the denim wearing out or the stitching coming loose. You can read about this from respected all things motorcycle Australian journalist Boris (the type of guy your mother warned you about) by clicking on the links below (and while you are there I highly recommend buying his books for some great motorcycle stories). Click here for review - Let there be RHOK Click here for review - Still RHOKing hard Quality The RHOK™ factory is ISO 9001 accredited, this is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, ensuring world class quality and commitment. RHOK™ will never compromise on quality and safety. All our fabrics used are 100% authentic, Our promise to you is that we do not, nor will we ever use any fake, counterfeit product or inferior materials. RHOK™ fabrics have been TESTED and PASSED by TUVRheinland in Germany against the European EN 13595 Standard for Protective Clothing for Professional Motorcycle Riders (please see image of certificate in listing)

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