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LOVE TATTOO women's designer inspired perfume fragrance mfg by BELLE BOUQUET LOVE TATTOO combines sweet and sour with a fruity, floral, musky feminine blend Characterized as Floral Fruity Unique alternatives to expensive designer brand name package styles Eau de parfum EDP quality fragrance oils Comparable to over $80 in name brand original packaging for same size bottle Stylish 3.0 oz package On Sale $15

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Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico, and they've spread across the globe. On Day of the Dead each year, people place sugar skulls on graves and altars in honor of their deceased loved ones. Where are SUGAR SKULL PURSES SOLD Carmens's Booth Pensacola Florida T W Flea Market Indoors Weekends This is a festival that's all about celebrating death and remembering one's family members. How can a sugar skull be used to remember a family member and honor the dead? These skulls have come a long way since their first use, and now they're symbols for a variety of different things. Believe it or not, in some cultures, these sugar skulls have a language of their own, each one meaning something different. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at sugar skulls and what they represent. sugar skull is a type of Calavera or representation of a human skull. These are called sugar skulls since they're traditionally made of sugar. Today sugar skulls are often made of a variety of things like chocolate, nuts, and other treats. These skulls play a large role in the Day of the Dead. This holiday follows All Saints' Day, and it's a way for people to honor their dead. Families flock to gravesites, offering gifts and food for their ancestors. People join together to eat, drink, tell stories, and celebrate the circle of life. Where are SUGAR SKULL PURSES SOLD Carmens's Booth Pensacola Florida T W Flea Market Indoors Weekends This is a time of year when the lines between the land of the living and the land of the dead blur. According to superstition, souls of deceased loved ones roam the earth, and these skulls are a reminder of that. People offer sugar skulls on graves and family altars during the Day of the Dead. They recognize the person who has passed, and the individual's name is written on the forehead of the skull. While it's a clear symbol of death, it's also a symbol of life. If you've ever been to a Mexican funeral, you know they're lively affairs. The same is true during the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, and you'll spot skull imagery around every corner. It's common for people to paint their faces to look like colorful skulls, and it's also a common symbol for the country of Mexico during this time of year. While it might seem morbid to an outsider, skulls are no stranger to Mexico. Since ancient times, Mexican people saw skulls as an important symbol of life. Only by accepting death and celebrating those who have passed can we become closer to life. In a culture where the Land of the Dead isn't seen as so far away, this type of skull imagery is only natural. Where are SUGAR SKULL PURSES SOLD Carmens's Booth Pensacola Florida T W Flea Market Indoors Weekends What Do Sugar Skulls Represent? The symbolism of sugar skulls is in the name itself. While skulls might conjure an image of the grotesque, as well as fear of death, the word sugar contradicts that. A "sugar" skull implies that there's a certain sweetness in death. Where are SUGAR SKULL PURSES SOLD Carmens's Booth Pensacola Florida T W Flea Market Indoors Weekends Death doesn't have to be bitter and scary. It can also be sweet. Just like the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, sugar skulls are about celebration and not sorrow. The sugar skulls are an offering to both the dead and the living. They're left on altars to ancestors as a reminder that someone is thinking of them. They're a form of appreciation. These skulls are also given to the living as a sign of thoughtfulness. Friends and family gift sugar skulls to their loved ones during the Day of the Dead as a way to show they care. Where are SUGAR SKULL PURSES SOLD Carmens's Booth Pensacola Florida T W Flea Market Indoors Weekends

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