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We all have our own ideas on how to run a business. But some things simply must be done in order to run it correctly.
It is exciting and hopefully financially rewarding.

Business Ethics

During the years I have listened to many business owners who have bragged they do not pay taxes, or have borrowed money and never paid the bank or received merchandise on credit and did not pay. This caught up with them. A lot of business owners feel not reporting sales is a good way to not pay taxes.
However remember when you want to sell your business the buyer wants to see your numbers. So you are only hurting yourself.
Report all your sales, keep a book for all sales returns expenses and yes taxes due. Before opening you need to decide what type of businees you will be operating.

Business Basics & Types
Write a Business Plan The first step in making a decision to start a business is writing a business plan. Whether big or small, every business should have a written business plan before moving forward. If you have never written a business plan before, there are resources that can assist you. I recommend the sales tax office in your town. Small Business Development Centers, which have offices in every county. To find an office near you, I will list some on another page in the resources category. Also it can be located online and they take phone calls and will assist you. I also know that if you are disabled you may receive a license free or at a big discount. If you are a senior or a veteran they have great discounts for you too in many counties What Type of Business Should I Choose? When organizing your first business, there are different business structures from which you can choose. You should have a good understanding of the pros and cons of each type. It is strongly recommended that if you are unsure of which structure is best for your business, you should seek professional advice from an attorney or accountant.

Join Our Website Only $20 A Year One Page Your company name and a link if needed to your products. Service business no problem. Photos and your information on how to make an appointment for your customer to have their work done, an estimate. We also can add a form that they can send you. Types of businesses include D J's Actors Tutors Detail Auto Specialists Hair Salon Pet Groomers Musicians Landscapers Tree Cutters Painters Construction Computer Work We will add your business to out website and index your page to Google (May take up to four weeks to appear on the web) Email us your information and images and as soon as your Paypal payment is received we will construct your page and send you a copy to approve. We will add you to our site in the catagory you like.

Before naming your business,you want to make sure it is available. Even your own name maybe trademarked. If it is a corp or web address you need to go to the internet and search for it. Your name of your business should reflect who you are. I work weekends in a flea market and am a foster parent too raising a teenager and married but my business name is really who I  am as a business women. Yes I do many things in business but my main operation is in the flea market.

Published by ourfleamarket PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY WORLDWIDE WELCOME $20 Yearly NO REFUNDS, cancel anytime. We will promote your page up to TEN images or products can link to your cart, and up to one FIFTY text words. We can link your images to a shopping cart you have or a site page. We will also index your page. We can help get you noticed on Amazon, eBay and other platforms. Direct your items to your page or shopping cart. IF INTERESTED TEXT US AT 850 261 8641 WE ACCPEPT PAYPAL AND CAN SEND YOU A LINK TO PAY. is a worldwide Network of a small businesses, flea market vendors, others who are just beginning to venture out into the World of Retail and Sales and of those who are already out in the world of Business. It is our desire, here at Our Flea to help those who are seeking Education about small business in a Flea Market or just home based or just beginning, Information on all the details about the legal and lawful requirements to step out into the World of Business. Also, this web site is building a wealth of Resources and Partners that will be able to assist you in developing yourself and your business to be a success So, Welcome. Look at the many areas of Education, Information, Vendors, Inspiration, Links, Resources and Partners. We look forward to assisting you in stepping out into your Dreams of being a business owner to have success and be prosperous. Carmen

Peddlars License is for those selling in different locations,going door to door. Not a fixed location.

Limited Liability Company Advantages Limited liability Flexible management structure and ownership Continuous existence Legal entity Easier to raise capital Disadvantages More expensive to organize than a proprietorship or partnership More regulations than a proprietorship or partnership

I know where I live in FLorida there are different licenses for new or used products. Selling online is another.


Additional Resources Name Search Nonprofit Information Center Guide to Doing Business in your state Small Business Development Centers SCORE - Counseling from Experienced Business Leaders Business Incubation Network State Contracting
Partnership Advantages Ease of formation Low start-up costs Additional sources of venture capital Broader management Limited outside regulation Disadvantages Unlimited personal liability Lack of continuity Divided authority Difficulty in raising additional capital Hard to find suitable partners
Corporation Advantages Limited liability Specialized management Ownership is transferable Continuous existence Legal entity Easier to raise capital Unity of action account having centralized authority in board of directors Disadvantages Closely regulated Lack of continuity Charter restrictions Extensive record-keeping necessary Double taxation, except when organized as an S Corporation Difficult to liquidate investment
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    Footwear,Perfumes,Handbags All New 1717 N W Street Pensacola Florida 32505 Booth 66 Indoors On T Strret Shoes Footwear Stores Pensacola Work Boots Sneakers Carmen's Booth 66 Indoors TW Flea Market Pensacola Flea Market Sugar Skull Concealment Handbags  In Booth Michael Kors Handbags eBay Checkout  Fashion Sneakers Perfumes and Handbags Concealment Sugar Skull Vegan Leather Crocodile Purses  The T W Flea Market Pensacola Florida Sells New Name Name Brand Perfumes, Handbags and Footwear Specializes in work boots. Name brand fragrances, Versions Imposters  and vintage scents discount prices.

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