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Here are a few interesting things about The Foundation for a Better Life. 20 YEARS FOUNDED IN 2000 We started twenty years ago to promote positive role models and remind people of the values we all share. We don't sell anything or accept monetary donations. 0 ZERO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS We are not affiliated with any religious group nor do we have any political affiliation (either formally or informally). We exist solely to create & share uplifting messages that hopefully inspire everyone. 200+ COUNTRIES / TERRITORIES Our billboards and television ads promoting universally positive values have appeared all over the world and in several languages.
Request FREE posters & DVD for your school or non-profit organization. If you don't work at a school or non-profit organization, we encourage you to watch our videos online and print your own copies of the billboards. Note: packages sent to U.S. addresses will include three folded posters and one DVD containing a sampling of our television commercials. Addresses outside of the United States will only receive a DVD.
What is The Foundation for a Better Life? The Foundation for a Better Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2000. Our sole objective is to promote positive values and encourage viewers to Pass Them On. We communicate these values through inspiring messages in movie theatres, on television, billboards, radio and the internet. Why are you doing this? We believe that people are intrinsically good and often benefit from a simple reminder. We offer these messages in an effort to promote good values and positive role models. How do you determine these values? Our goal is to select values we feel most individuals will find inspiring and relevant. These values reflect the input of a large and diverse group of people. The Foundation does not have any political or religious agenda, so that people from all backgrounds might feel uplifted by these messages of encouragement and hope. Our objective is simply to promote a wide spectrum of values by providing an uplifting message around each one. How are these messages created? The Foundation has developed a network of writers, art directors and marketing professionals to provide technical and creative input. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives that help us to create universal, nonsectarian, apolitical messages to hopefully provide inspiration to our viewers. We also listen and respond to stories of those who are making a difference in their communities to better understand the role values play in their desire to do good and Pass It On. Where does funding come from to pay for your campaigns? The advertising time and space for these messages is donated by broadcast and print media companies as a public service. Additionally, we work with many individuals to produce our messages, including celebrities who generously share their images and stories free of charge. Many publishers and record labels also contribute music for our public service announcements. We are grateful for the support of The Anschutz Foundation, which provides operating costs for The Foundation for a Better Life. The Anschutz Foundation was founded over 25 years ago. It supports a broad variety of charitable activities that have a positive impact on people in the areas of education, health care, human services, mental health, arts and culture, and public policy. The Anschutz Foundation believes in individual and family values and the free enterprise system and seeks to promote these concepts.
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